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Online ESL Curriculum

Last Updated: Sept 10, 2021


After many hours of searching, I have compiled this ever growing list of online ESL curriculum.

This list is in no particular order. The list may change to keep it up to date and relevant.

“English Adventure is a fun, 3 level online course for elementary students. Each level contains a total of 20 lessons which focus on specific structures and lexical areas that progress in a natural, steady pace.

English Adventure is aligned to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and covers A1 and A2.

The course uses American English and provides language learning through reading, speaking activities, writing, phonics, games, and extension tasks. Fun characters continuing throughout the course maintain student interest and involvement.

The lessons were designed to teach one student online for 30 minutes but you can easily adjust the pace to make the lesson longer or shorter. The slides are in 16:9 presentation format which makes them great to teach online through zoom, classin, or any other teaching platform. Each Lesson on average contains more than 30 slides.

You will get lessons both in pdf format and also as individual image slides so that you can rearrange the pages and lessons any way you like. You can even create Power point presentations from the individual image slides.”

Price: $39 one time payment for all 60 Lessons.

Built by ESL legend Daniel DiDio. Chit Chat 2 Fluency is a curriculum built specifically to teach kids ESL online. He also provides coaching to help teachers get started right. Here is what Daniel says about his curriculum.

“With my help, you can supercharge your students chances of success in the future by building a rock solid foundation with (Curriculum + Skills Training). You will be able to grow your student base because you now have a clear path for your students. Parents will be able to understand your plan for their child. You will be able to lay out a plan for each student to focus on their problem areas. You will have the confidence in your plan and direction for your students which will help you grow your student base in the future.

Then one day, you will rock getting students and planning for their future success in English because you’re making a real impact in the classroom. You will have your own successful teaching business. You will have more time to spend with your family on the important events in your life, and what’s more, you will be proud of what you have accomplished.”

Price: $89 one time payment

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“Crystal Clear ESL provides high-quality, professional step-by-step online lesson plans.

The purpose-built curricula supports online English language teachers. Use grab-and-go lesson plans to minimize your prep time and maximize your income, all while delivering beautiful, content-rich, high-quality lessons to your students.”

Price: $9/month subscription

PEP stands for Pearson English Portal. Teachers can teach the curriculum with a premium teacher presentation tool. Several other books are available on PEP such as “Big English”.

Teachers can assign homework for students to complete in their student portal.

“Students learn with the lively child characters to build a strong foundation in English through their fun adventures.

SuperKids blends the best techniques from proven language teaching methodologies into a program that creates confident, autonomous English speakers, taking students all the way from basic letter sound recognition to reading short stories.”

Price: $50/3 years for the teachers book with PEP access codes

Let’s go is one of the most liked children’s ESL Curriculums in Asia. It is easy to teach with and the lessons are laid out in a very practical way that makes learning easy. We like these books so much that we decided to use Let’s Go for some of our classes at our English School.

Let’s Go 5th ed. has an online presentation tool for teachers to teach with and even has a student portal for teachers to assign and grade the student’s homework. You can’t go wrong with these books.

Price: $50/one time for the teachers book with teacher access codes

Off2Class has one of the most popular online ESL curriculums. They offer step by step lessons for beginners to advanced.

If you teach adults these lessons might be for you, but they don’t have as many kid specific lessons. If you teach kids you might want to look somewhere else.

Price: $8-$16/month

ESL PALS is a great choice for online ESL curriculum. They have many lessons available for adults and children. All their lessons can be downloaded as PDF’s to be used in the classroom. They have free lessons available, so you can see if they are a good fit before purchasing.

Price: $49/year or $24/3 months

Engoo is an online English school that has some of their custom built lessons available online for free. Their lessons can be searched by levels and interest. Engoo is a favorite free resource for many online teachers.

Price: Free

Teach2Kidz is a new premium ESL curriculum built on google slides. They currently only have a couple units available on their Teachers Pay Teachers shop, but they plan to add more over the next few months.

Price: $15/ one time for each unit of 4 lessons

Learnaling is a promising new curriculum for kids. They will be launching September 2021. Their lessons are professionally made with interactive features. You can see their example slides here. I’d recommend bookmarking their page so you can be first in line for their free trial and special launch price in September.

Price: launch price = $12/month (3 month free trial)

Similar to Engoo, Native Camp is an online English school in Japan. Their page is in Japanese but the lessons are in English. Their lessons are available online for free. You can filter their materials from beginner to advanced. Their lessons are largely based off popular textbooks.

Price: Free

Great teachers need great content. Make every class your best class with incredible English lessons, flashcards, and resources from ESL Lesson Library.

Price: $1.79 per individual lesson